Minimum decor, maximum functionality - this is the motto of modern furniture. Simplicity of form and the use of bright colors ...
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Entrance hall. Useful advice.

Often we head covers the temptation to free up as much space as possible, to do a minimum of furniture and dispose of a maximum of unnecessary things. And here, at last, the hall becomes Spartan desert. The ultimate dream? But then begins a harsh reality, and with it problems. It turns out that, coming home, you need somewhere to put the keys, umbrella, bag, gloves, a hat, to hang coats. This at least. Another good idea would be to put somewhere telephone, placing shoes and Slippers, and if the house usual hairy beast is also the lead with a muzzle. Summary: before you create a crazy design project the hall in the style of "counter-perestroika shop carefully and sign that you actually need for a comfortable life. If in a hall will be chaos of disorderly piled "household objects" that, perhaps, every artistic idea would be buried under a pile of rubbish. And allow this to happen't want to.

Here is a sample list of useful things and not things hall.

The console in the hall, though small, is always needed. Well, if the device contains a shelf or drawer. Indispensable attribute - a hanger and/or wardrobe, and it is necessary to provide a separate hooks for bags. Small housekeeper, fastened on a wall, fashionable Pontica and gazenica can be an interesting additions to the style of your hallway. Without holosnita not do - unless you do not like long jump through numerous boots and shoes. You can put in the entrance hall Ottoman, sofa and a stool (depending on how much there is free space)to more comfortable to wear.

An obligatory component of a hall - a mirror in full growth. Of course, you can do a mirror above the console, which is visible only to your bright face and collar coats, but it is necessary to think well: do not you need to see yourself in a full length each time before you leave home? Very convenient in this sense, the mirrored doors of the cabinets, but many believe that it is too out a solution, and from the desire to be original refuse it. But experience shows that many who initially decided to dispense with a large mirror in the hallway, he bought it then. So the mirror in all growth is a perceived need.